Saturday, 9 May 2015

Primark Egg Shaped Sponge Review

I'm sure you have all heard of the Beauty Blender? An apparent "essential" tool for makeup application. Its been around for ages and is essentially an egg shaped sponge retailing at £16. Yeah I'm wouldn't pay that, even if it started singing to me. If it looked like Zingy though I'd probably buy it. So cute. Anyway here is a much more economical and replaceable version - Primark's Egg Shaped Sponge at £1.50!

primark egg shaped sponge review
Primark egg shaped sponge - £1.50!
Let's face it, we all know this is a rip off of the Beauty Blender. Before we begin I'd like to say that I do not have a BB but I've been interested due to positive reviews. I thought I'd try this because it looked similar and was about one 10th of the price.

After dabbing on some corrector or concealer under my eyes, I dampened the sponge under a tap whilst squeezing a few times to get the water distributed. I then squished out excess water so the sponge was damp and started dabbing it against my skin. I've noticed that the egg sponge blends completely seamlessly, distributing the layer I patted on and evens it out into an air brushed finished product. Before buying this, I used to blend concealer with my finger which when I think about it, looked thick it creased so easily. My concealer doesn't crease any more which is a big plus as I don't have to keep checking it throughout the day. I'd buy this over and over again!

Quick tip - before storing your Primark sponge (or BB), I would advise squeezing out the water and leaving it in the open to dry out completely. Before I realised this, my primark sponge started growing mould! To avoid it these days I balance it on my radiator so it can dry quickly. Even if it did grow mould, I can't say I would cry - its only £1.50! The BB on the other hand... Well that would surely be a waste as it costs over 10x more.

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