Thursday, 14 May 2015

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File Review

Hailed as the "Rolls Royce of nail files" (by no less than Leighton Denny himself), I was expecting a hell of a lot from this thing.
Leighton Denny Small Crystal Nail File
At £12.50, it's not a cheapie. I'd imagine a lot of people are more used to buying cheap cardboard or even *shriek* metal nail files at a small fraction of the price. As a result, some those people (and myself) would look for one hell of a justification for buying this one. I'm here to provide that justification for you!

On first impressions, I have to say that the file does look nice and professional. Although it's quite plain, its also classy and looks a bit much more sophisticated than the average nail file. I wouldn't feel embarrassed pulling this out in front of people unlike my other crystal nail file which is triangular and pink, and the coating is wearing off! What a load of tosh.

Leighton Denny's one comes with an aluminium case which is great as well for protecting the file from any accidents. It feels light and cheap and to be honest is must be; the case has stopped shutting properly now and I am quite sure I didn't drop it or anything. However, it looks fancy and it means I dont have to worry too much about dropping the file whilst in the case. I was surprised that the larger file (£15.50) didn't come with a case. At that price I would honestly expect one.

I am by no means a nail file connosuer because I normally just cut them with a nail scissors but his file is like no other I have ever used. It literally turns the nail into dust with minimal effort. Surprisingly, with fingertip touch the grit on the file is not that detectable. It is very fine. This surface is guarateed to last a life time and the guarantee is under the compartment in the case.

The nail file is advertised as being perfectly fine to file back and forth with. I'm not even going to attempt this reckless behaviour so I will stick to my snail's pace, one directional filing. All hail Leighton Denny! I would repurchase in an instant.

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