Friday, 20 September 2013

Mode Hair and Beauty Review

Ugh. Being curly haired can present a number of problems when going to get a snip and at Mode Hair and Beauty, my hair was definitely a problem. Although I hate to write such a negative review, I want to give an honest and truthful representation of my experience. I think it will be more satisfying than ignoring my frustration.

TL;DR version: I won't be returning to Mode! PD;LV (painfully detailed long version - yup I made that up) as follows.

Mode's phone was answered the second time I called and it was only then that I was able to find out their prices as they don't list them online. To be honest, this was an urgent appointment. I needed a hair chop ASAP so I can't say the price for a wet cut (£20 for short hair, £23 for long hair) mattered to me in my moments of desperation. I went ahead and booked my first (and as I was to decide - only) appointment that very day with a person I will name 'Human'.

I arrived five minutes early and was pleased that one of the blinds was pulled down in the salon. This at least offered privacy against the usual traffic on the road outside *cue bored human in a traffic jam taking pictures of you with a soaked head and making a meme*. I entered the salon and behind the reception was a woman with bleached blond hair clipped up. She did not make me feel welcome in the slightest and looked more than a little annoyed. She informed 'Human' that I was their client and a good few seconds later, 'Human' decided to leave the comfort of their chair in the waiting area whilst groaning. At which point I felt quite embarrassed. It was just awkward.

As 'Human' showed me to a chair, I noticed in the mirror that my hair was quite damp from the rain. 'Human' noticed this and suggested that it probably wasn't worth washing it because it was already wet. At this point I was just disappointed. Taking 'Human's' hint that they obviously wanted to get this over and done with, I felt like a nuisance and stupidly did not press the issue of a hair wash.

I told 'Human' I wanted half an inch cut off and asked them to use the Tangle Teezer I'd brought with me to detangle my hair. 'Human' declined and began to brush my hair with a paddle brush (ouch), whilst apparently failing to notice that my hair wasn't parted evenly down the middle. This threw me off because usually when I go elsewhere, the hairdresser asks where I part my hair, which I assume affects the way they cut it. Hell, 'Human' didn't even section my hair to get the bits they weren't working with out of the way. Don't hairdressers usually section the hair horizontally, clip the crown hair out of the way and begin cutting at the back if the head? 'Human' obviously decided they were going to wing it and simply grabbed a chunk from the back of my hair, pushed the other pieces aside and began cutting.

W. T. F.
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