Saturday, 31 August 2013

Thalassa Seafood Restaurant Review

Thalassa Chase Side Southgate Consumer Qualms
Din and I happened to be on Chase Side, Southgate enjoying a glorious sunny day when I realised my stomach was barking growling at me. Great. Not being interested in Southgate's KFC (or any KFC for that matter), I was seeking something a bit more wholesome, light and tasty. Whilst scanning the highstreet, Din spotted Thalassa and suggested we check out the menu. At this point I was getting flashbacks to a review I had read in a local newspaper about this restaurant. It was pretty positive as far as I can remember and although I'm never sure whether these types of reviews are totally unbiased and objective, I love seafood and it looked promising.

Thalassa Chase Side Southgate consumer qualms

We consulted the lunchtime menu (served from 12-3pm) which consisted of one course for £5.95 or two for £8.95. The starters sounded especially delicious and as it was 2.45pm, we headed straight in. We were greeted by a friendly waitress and chose to sit between the bar and the window. Ahem, the sliding window. Oh yes, this baby opens. It was fantastic on such a hot day. I digress.