Saturday, 19 October 2013

Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding Review

So once I realised this brand existed after reading this blog post, (and after spending 55 minutes oogling, sniffing and comparing everything in my local hair shop), I decided to buy the Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding. I'd never heard of Beautiful Textures before but then again I've only recently properly discovered Pak's range. There's too much choice!

Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding
Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding
Before trying it, my first impressions were alright. Not exactly inspiring confidence am I? Let me explain. I'm on the fence about the jar's mad colour scheme and at first it didn't strike me as being targeted towards adults so I wasn't really sure what the range was all about. You can't miss it on the shelves though so I guess it's serving its purpose. The jar itself is wide mouthed which makes it easy to access the product whether you use a spoon or your fingers. Of course a spoon is preferable but when you're in the shower and have forgotten your spoon, you're kinda screwed and this is great in comparison to tiny jars that squish fingers. The texture of the pudding is very thick and creamy quite like body butter, yet similar to jelly. A bottle or some kind of pump dispenser would have been amazeballz but the Curl Pudding is very thick so it's probably impractical. I can't say I'm a fan of the texture because it's so firm but I usually associate this with serious moisturisation so I had high hopes for it. It's actually a very pale peach which is a lot better compared to other mud-like concoctions I came across in Pak's. At least it's not candy floss pink like Boot's Curl Cream (we've got a love-hate relationship - I'll spare you). The product has a mouth watering-ly juicy melon scent definitely 'made' me buy it. Although I hate melons, I could eat one if it actually smelt this good.

Hmm on second thoughts nah, I still hate melons.

Despite the ups (and downs) I'd noted before even trying it, my results were bad the first time I tried it and unbelievably worse the second time round!

For my first attempt, I applied Tresemme Naturals as a leave-in conditioner, then layered it with the Curl Pudding. I ended up with odd, waxy feeling hair which was probably due to the amount of oils and butters in the product, not to mention the small amount of silicone it contains. Despite this I carried on applying it only to realise that the pudding had reacted with the Tresemme and had formed a small number of white clumps in my hair. ARGH! They were easily dissolved by smoothing water on them but still annoying because you never know when you've missed one and end up walking around looking like you have coagulated bird droppings in you hair. As usual, my hair took ages to dry but was not crunchy which was surprising. Regardless, I still like to scrunch my hair for maximum softness and found that my hair felt very moisturised and hydrated. I was really surprised because my hair is normally bone dry and highly porous. Having said this, sadly I didn't get an adequate amount of hold or definition on my curls at all. After a few hours they had turned into frizzy waves which was a huge disappointment.

Fast forward a few days later, I decided to try it without the Tresemme.

3b Black Curly Hair with Beautiful Textures Curl Defining Pudding

3b Black Curly Hair with Beautiful Textures Curl Defining Pudding

It looks okay so far, right? HA! We've both been fooled.

It doesn't look too bad here and there is a decent amount of curl definition but this disappeared as the day progressed. My hair was sticky for hours after it had dried and it ended up feeling so dry, hard and like plastic, which is usually the result I get with silicones. I was expecting the natural ingredients to do something but there was no moisturisation to shake a stick at. Then, shock horror - I grew sick of the scent and the following day, it had turned slightly sour. Mmm tasty.

Beatiful Textures Curl Defining Pudding Directions and Ingredients
Beautiful Textures Curl Definition Pudding Directions and Ingredients
As for the claim Beautiful Textures make, I do think my curls were elongated ever so slightly. This could probably have been down to the extreme lack of hold though. I can confidently say I didn't notice an increase in shine but then again I rarely do. I do like that the instructions on the jar were so detailed. I can't be alone but I love reading the labels on products. The ingredients don't look bad but surprisingly without a separate leave-in my hair was parched when in fact I had expected the ingredients to be my leave-in.

Sometimes I feel as if cosmetic companies really prey on people's hair insecurities or 'problems' as many curl products promise the earth in exchange for a hefty price. The Beautiful Textures range however is reasonably priced (the pudding was £3.99 for 425g) which should last me quite a while should I choose to use it up (which at this rate is unlikely).


  1. Great post, i'm so jealous of your hair, i have always wanted curly hair. Wonderful post and i look forward to more xoxo

  2. Thank you! Oh my hair can be a nightmare. It always seems that people with straight hair love curly hair and curlies love straight hair lol x

  3. thanks for linking my blog post hun! aw sorry this didn't work for you. firstly, to answer ur question- yes i am still liking the bottled one that you just commented on, but not using it at the moment. its funny because I am actually writing a comparison on natural hair moisturisers right now!

    but I don't know if you noticed, this is actually not the same products as either of the two i've tried. the one you linked in your post ( is actually called Moisture Butter, and this one you've reviewed is called Defining Pudding- in other words, its not the same product. However, the ingredient list of your one actually looks better than the Moisture butter that I tried lol!

    Either way, I found that the Moisture Butter one has No slip, which was weird. But the bottled version (this will be in my upcoming post), is practically the same but with a ton of slip!

    take care hun xx

  4. lol yup it has pollen extract, not sure what thats gonna do for ur hair . I use the BT after washing hair as a leave or to detangle dry hair, its got great slip! Atm i use eco styler ( argan oil) on top of my leave in conditioners when i style n do twist outs n stuff. But you know shea moisture in paks is suuuper expensive?? at least when i checked they were like £20 each :/ xx

  5. I tried using Tresemme Naturals as my leave on conditioner with the Beautiful Textures Curl Control. I did not like the results so I now use Tresemme to shampoo and Hawaiian Silky as my leave on. The Hawaiian Silky works much better with the Curl Control Pudding. Someone suggested using the Beautiful Textures moisture butter and curl control pudding together. I am going to try that next. Overall, I really like this product. I have great curls and someone ask if it was my own hair! LOL