Thursday, 24 July 2014

Wilko Makeup Brush Review

Who'd have thought it? Wilko doing decent makeup brushes? I know I was surprised.

I find myself perusing Wilko's aisles more and more recently what with the new store designs and more appealing stock. I'd been on the hunt for quite some time for a new powder brush seeing as I wear powder foundation frequently and can't keep applying it with my blusher brush. I'm not going to lie, whilst I love Boots and their No7 vouchers that come out every few months, I just am not prepared to spend £17 on a No7 powder brush. Whilst I didn't want a bottom of the range scratchy one, I wanted something that was good value and ended up looking elsewhere for a brush (sorrynotsorry, Boots).
Wilko Powder Makeup Brush
Wilko Powder Brush
This brought me to Wilko where I was apprehensive whilst looking at their range of brushes. Most of mine are e.l.f brushes so I'm used to spending under £5 without compromising on great quality. My main worry was buying it and being disappointed if it didn't pick up product or was horribly rough. I decided to go for it and I have to say I'm really happy about my little leap of faith! It is so incredibly dense and soft that I would liken it to a kabuki brush. One of my biggest gripes with kabukis though are the impractical short handles so this is almost an improved version. It buffs powder makeup effortlessly and quickly thanks to its size. Much better than using my blusher brush!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Boots Skincare Haul

I love me some good Boots offers! Over the weekend I managed to pick up some decent deals in Boots (which doesn't always happen). Overall, I'm very happy with them!
Boots Skincare and Makeup Haul
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - in my opinion this is a must have for all those who don't like applying thick, greasy makeup removing lotions onto their skin. I prefer using something light to remove makeup as I hate the idea of residue and this does it in a pinch. I got it for £3.32 (reduced from £4.99) which I think is fantastic value. The 400ml bottle claims to provide 200 uses which is probably not realistic seeing no one is going to precisely dispense 2ml to their cotton pad each use but from experience, this bottle is capable of lasting months! I love the simple packaging but I have noticed it leak slightly when on its side, which could be an error on my part if I didn't close the lid properly.