Sunday, 24 November 2013

Another Week, more on Kats Kalma

Ooooh yeah, I went back to Greenwich specifically to visit Kat and get some pretties.
Kats Kalma hair oil and dry facial mask
Kats Kalma Hair Oil and Facial Mask
Again, I love the packaging. The hair oil and face mask are housed in a glass pump bottle and glass jar respectively. This was surprising as I thought they were plastic but keeping to true eco-friendly form, glass had been used instead. Of course, this means you have to be slightly more careful with them but for the aesthetics, sturdiness and the quality, I'm fine with that. I also love the re-usability factor they have and I plan on giving each a new life after I've used them. The packaging actually reminds me of something you would see on the shelf at Berry and Rye, (my second favourite bar) in Liverpool. Or failing that, a Victorian pharmacy. I'm not a time travelling Victorian but to me they look like little antique glass containers. I'm not an antique dealer either, but I do know that I like them.

Friday, 22 November 2013

So you have curly hair? Straighten it, freak!

Bumble and Bumble, why is it that when I search for curly hair products on your website, this comes up:

Straight shampoo? Straight conditioner? Straight blow dry? Why are the curly haired products right at the bottom of the page? I don't get why products for straight hair are in the 'curly' category. I think its wrong to suggest that straight hair is what curlies should be aspiring for and encourage them to buy into having straight hair. I understand that many curlies want straight hair but when I search for curl products, surely that's what I want to see?

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Marshmallowists Review

I went back to Notting Hill to check out The Marshmallowists whose stall I had spied a little while ago before reading about them in the Evening Standard.
the marshmallowists
The Marshmallowists, Portobello Road
The Marshmallowists and their spongy, fresh, gourmet offerings have been touted as the new 'thing', the new cupcake if you will. Yeah so basically move over red velvet, Hummingbird and Lola's cupcakes etc. We approached the stall inquisitively before getting chatting to Smart and Simms who were incredibly friendly, funny and up for a chat. They were really knowledgeable about marshmallows (did I just write that?) and obviously quite passionate about their products. We opted for four shmallows - strawberry and basil, passion fruit and ginger, mango and sweet orange and peppermint.

Monday, 18 November 2013

(Even More) Greenwich, Patty&Bun, The Trafalgar Tavern

Patty and Bun Smokey Robinsons with Rosemary Salt Chips
Patty&Bun Smokey Robinsons with Rosemary Salt Chips
These are the disgracefully delicious, greasy Smokey Robinson burgers from Patty and Bun. They easily make the best burger I've ever had! Shame about the overcrowded premises and the hour long queues though... They really need to relocate. Din and I regularly have to share a table meant for four with 3 other people crammed onto it, there's not even space to move! This, coupled with the person at the next table pushing their buttocks into your face as they squeeze past you is more than awkward. Come on guys!
The Trafalgar Tavern Greenwich
The Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Barry M Berry Cosmo

Yet another beauty, I just love Barry M! This deep plum, autumnal shade is perfectly smooth and pigmented, couldn't be happier with it. As with all Barry M polishes, I find they last for at least 4 days without chipping (without a topcoat, I'm lazy).
Barry M Berry Cosmo
Barry M Berry Cosmo

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Invisibobble Review

This review is for the seemingly revolutionary Invisibobble which is touted as a 'traceless hair ring'. My first thoughts were 'poppycock' but I'm a converted fan.

Sit down, sip your milk and nibble on a cookie, it's story time. When it comes to haircuts, I only ever have a wash and cut. I had a snip the other day and made sure to carry a hair band with me to restrain my wet, poodle hair so I could scuttle off home to tame it myself. However when I was leaving the salon, I went to tie my hair back and my totally overstretched hair tie snapped! I couldn't possibly leave the salon looking like Medusa but luckily enough I spotted some hair ties for sale at the reception desk. Jackpot, I thought, my pride had been saved. Off I went with my tiny box of Invisibobbles for which I was charged £3.95. That is more than the RRP might I add. What can I say, I was up s**t's creek and desperate.

Enter Invisibobble!

Bannatyne's Millbank Spa Day Review

A few days ago Din and I went for a spa day at the Bannatyne Spa in Millbank. His sisters had bought us the  gift voucher for our birthdays but he didn't book it for about five months! It included a full body massage, a scalp massage (which we didn't get because we booked so late lol) and the use of the gym and swimming pool.

The spa itself is hidden underneath a building, on the left just before the revolving doors. The place itself didn't look like anything I had imagined. The relaxation area where you could help yourself to tea and coffee was in reception which was awkward and overall it was more of a gym/swimming pool/above board (hopefully) massage palour all under one roof. At reception we were given a padlock for a locker as well as the option to pay £3 for a bathrobe and slippers (which we got to keep) to wonder around the spa in. We said yes but I wish we didn't have to give the bathrobe back, it was so soft and comfy!