Sunday, 24 November 2013

Another Week, more on Kats Kalma

Ooooh yeah, I went back to Greenwich specifically to visit Kat and get some pretties.
Kats Kalma hair oil and dry facial mask
Kats Kalma Hair Oil and Facial Mask
Again, I love the packaging. The hair oil and face mask are housed in a glass pump bottle and glass jar respectively. This was surprising as I thought they were plastic but keeping to true eco-friendly form, glass had been used instead. Of course, this means you have to be slightly more careful with them but for the aesthetics, sturdiness and the quality, I'm fine with that. I also love the re-usability factor they have and I plan on giving each a new life after I've used them. The packaging actually reminds me of something you would see on the shelf at Berry and Rye, (my second favourite bar) in Liverpool. Or failing that, a Victorian pharmacy. I'm not a time travelling Victorian but to me they look like little antique glass containers. I'm not an antique dealer either, but I do know that I like them.

kats kalma restorative hair oil
Kats Kalma Restorative Hair Oil
Hair that needs restoring? Check. Damaged hair? Check. Dry hair? CHECK!

I gather from the instructions that this is first and foremostly a pre-shampoo hair treatment. I know they're popular and in the past few years hair oils have been hyped up all over the place. My only proper memory of using one has been with ingredients laying around - lots of warmed shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba and rose oils. I applied this potion over conditioner and it actually left my hair feeling so soft and healthy which was something I really didn't expect. I've been meaning to do one again but I've been lazy and without ingredients for some time. My hair does need help though because two years ago a hairdresser over processed it with bleach to within an inch of its life. Thanks Toni & Guy!

Anyway when the time came for a hair wash, I sectioned my hair into four, applied about 50 pumps of this oil to my hair and scalp and left it on overnight. I know 50 pumps sounds mad but I really do have a lot of thirsty curls and crazily, my hair still didn't look oily when I applied it. Of course if you have straight hair you'll need to use much less. The following morning I shampooed with diluted Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo and slapped on some conditioner to detangle. When I rinsed my hair, it did feel very soft and conditioned but at the same time, I don't think I really used enough oil to get the full benefits from it. 50 pumps was a stingy application when it comes to my curls and I could have easily used double that but I really didn't want to waste it. I have quite an unusual hair type so your usage may vary! I'd say that as a pre-shampoo treatment (and judging the size of the bottle), this is more for straight haired folks. I'd easily finish the bottle in maybe 5 uses (which I'm not prepared to do) to truly saturate my huge amount curls. I think those with straight hair would find this better because they'd only need a few drops and it'd last much longer.

Kat did also say that the oil can be used on the ends of the hair as a leave-in treatment and I think that's what I'll be using it for most often. It smells way too good to leave in the hair and then wash out, I want to be able to smell it all day! I think I'll use a cheaper oil (like olive) as a pre-shampoo treatment (because it doesn't smell great and I don't mind using lots) and instead use Kats as a daily leave-in. Recently I've been wearing protective styles at work and leaving this oil and conditioner in my hair. I section my freshly washed hair into four and apply a 50p sized dollop of conditioner mixed with two pumps of this oil to each section, which leaves my hair so soft and fragrant. I really like the scent, it's interestingly minty yet citrusy at the same time and quite unlike anything I've smelt before.

Kats Kalma Dry Facial Mask for Oily Skin with Lime, Raspberry and Rhassoul Clay
Kats Kalma Dry Facial Mask for Oily Skin with Lime, Raspberry and Rhassoul Clay
The concept of a dry facial mask is new to me. For some unexplainable and no doubt totally illogical reason, at first I thought using it would consist of application with a massive powder puff whilst hoping for the best. Then it dawned on me that - duh - the powder is mixed with liquid. 'Liquid' in my case meant peppermint tea! Kat recommended this for blending with the oily skin mask which really intrigued me. You can of course mix it with water but in the same way Kat made the dry component, I felt like I would be assisting the artisan process by infusing a tea (yeah, so complicated) so I went ahead and did it. Anyway, who doesn't like peppermint tea?!

Before mixing, the powder didn't smell of much and I tested a tiny amount with water to see what it would smell like when plain and on the face. I could only smell clay but I was expecting a hint of lime and raspberry. I didn't mind the clay smell at all; the ingredients are all natural with not a synthetic fragrance in sight so I shouldn't have been expecting a super strong, chemically enhanced smell. When the powder is mixed with peppermint tea, obviously it smells minty which is refreshing. I mixed a slightly heaped teaspoon of powder with a teaspoon of peppermint tea. This created a thick khaki mixture which was enough for a thick layer when on the face. I slapped this on and quite soon afterwards, I felt it tightening a lot, to the point where I couldn't move my face and the clay had absorbed all the oils. When it came to rinsing off, I found it helpful to splash it a few times with water to soften it, before rubbing it off. Afterwards, my skin felt really cleansed but not tight, which is often an undesired result of using products targeted at oily skin. My skin was definitely oil free and matt, like a clean slate prepared to be moisturised.

Kats Kalma Orange lip balm
Kats Kalma Orange Lip Balm with Shea Butter
I also got a lip balm that comes in a strong screw top lid which I'm thankful for, just twist and it's off. No chance of your nails being ripped asunder from trying to pop open a tin *looks at Vaseline. Hates Vaseline*. There were a few different scented balms to choose from (raspberry, mint - which I think I'll get next time, mango and lime - again, next time, strawberry amongst others) but I chose orange. Fruity scents are my favourite! This balm definitely does the job but for me it's not quite waxy enough. I'm not a glossy lips girl so it's just my preference and I'd prefer a waxier finish. I prefer Kats tubed balms (more of a matte finish) but I'd love one that smelled like this :D. Ooh or a tinted one! Or a vanilla one! Yum.
kats kalma lavender soap and bath soak
Kats Kalma Lavender Soap and Bath Soak
I couldn't walk leave without getting my mum something so I went ahead and snapped up a set of bath soak and lavender soap for a fiver. She was already a fan of the bath soak and lavender is her favourite scent so it was win-win in my eyes. She's saving the soap (for what reason, I don't know).

It is really nice to see the passionate person behind the goodies instead of just buying them from a shop shelf in Boots. I still love you Boots. But I also love Kats Kalma and the reasonable prices. I shall be returning soon for more lip balms (because I go through them so quickly) and the new whipped body butters that are being brewed up!

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