Thursday, 21 November 2013

Marshmallowists Review

I went back to Notting Hill to check out The Marshmallowists whose stall I had spied a little while ago before reading about them in the Evening Standard.
the marshmallowists
The Marshmallowists, Portobello Road
The Marshmallowists and their spongy, fresh, gourmet offerings have been touted as the new 'thing', the new cupcake if you will. Yeah so basically move over red velvet, Hummingbird and Lola's cupcakes etc. We approached the stall inquisitively before getting chatting to Smart and Simms who were incredibly friendly, funny and up for a chat. They were really knowledgeable about marshmallows (did I just write that?) and obviously quite passionate about their products. We opted for four shmallows - strawberry and basil, passion fruit and ginger, mango and sweet orange and peppermint.

I was just itching to eat them so Din and I tried them as we were strolling along Portobello Road. We picked up the firm but squidgy and sticky chunks and took a bite, finding that they were very aerated and light and not dry in the slightest which makes them so different to 'normal' marshmallows. It was evident they were skillfully made and the flavours didn't taste artificial as real fruit and essential oils are used.

Sadly, I can't say we were in love with them. We felt as if everything we got (apart from passion fruit and ginger) had the potential to pack more of a punch. We don't really understand gourmet marshmallows. When are we supposed to eat them, with our evening cuppa? Are they aimed at those who like sweet things but don't want the calories? That person certainly isn't me, I like the guilty feeling of eating a huge slab of cake. There is substance, it's satisfying and aesthetically pleasing not to mention widely available. Although I'm sure a marshmallow lover would be in heaven with these, at £1.50 a piece they were so light and weightless it was like eating nothing. Maybe that's the point. I'm not a marshmallow person as you can tell. My middle name is cake. I'm really glad I tried them but I personally am not into these (or any shmallows). Your mileage may vary.

Food of today: a delicious lamb shish kebab from Charcoal Grill in Wood Green, complete with baklava and Turkish tea. I love this place even though it is on the more pricey side compared to places like The Kebab Centre (sounds dodgy, I know). Later in the evening we had Wagamama where I had a prawn Raisukaree, my favourite dish from them.
kebab charcoal grill wood green wagamama

Miscellaneous, random ramble: I saw some natural skincare stalls in both Portobello and Covent Garden markets, one selling a body scrub for £34 and the other a hand balm for £20. Seriously guys? £34? For some salt and oils? I could make that in my kitchen with salt crystals and olive oil right now for I dunno, £3. Lol. Also managed to spot Dougie Poynter strolling along! Was too scared to ask for a picture though *slaps self*.

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