Saturday, 2 November 2013

Bannatyne's Millbank Spa Day Review

A few days ago Din and I went for a spa day at the Bannatyne Spa in Millbank. His sisters had bought us the  gift voucher for our birthdays but he didn't book it for about five months! It included a full body massage, a scalp massage (which we didn't get because we booked so late lol) and the use of the gym and swimming pool.

The spa itself is hidden underneath a building, on the left just before the revolving doors. The place itself didn't look like anything I had imagined. The relaxation area where you could help yourself to tea and coffee was in reception which was awkward and overall it was more of a gym/swimming pool/above board (hopefully) massage palour all under one roof. At reception we were given a padlock for a locker as well as the option to pay £3 for a bathrobe and slippers (which we got to keep) to wonder around the spa in. We said yes but I wish we didn't have to give the bathrobe back, it was so soft and comfy!

First of all we went to the jacuzzi which was a bit silly seeing as it would have made sense to use the gym first, have a shower and then sleep relax in the jacuzzi. The swimming pool was absolutely beautiful and reminded me of some kind of underground Egyptian cavern. Don't ask me why. I'm 5 foot 7 inches and had to tip toe in the 'shallow' end, I wasn't expecting that! The changing rooms were a big disappointment. They were clean but outdated, tiny and communal which was just awkward because there is nowhere to hide! My locker was ridiculously narrow and everything had to be removed each time I wanted to find something. The changing room had hair dryers for people to use as well as a rather nifty swim suit drier which came in really handy.
Bannatyne Millbank Spa and Changing Rooms Swimming Pool
Millbank Pool and Changing Rooms
We then went to the tiny gym and it made me realise how much I need to join one. I'm quite active in my normal day to day life but nothing beats a serious work out. After the gym we went for our massage which was held in a beautifully decorated room. We were called in for it late because the massage therapists were busy behind the reception area discussing in whispers how to go about the massage. Yes, tres awkward. The massage itself was good but I found it impossible to relax because the music was too loud and it was not your typical 'ocean spray' or whatever it's supposed to be. I don't even know what it was but it was annoying.

Would I return? Nope.

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