Monday, 2 December 2013


For some reason I am still of the mindset that my hair remains in ruins. I bleached it to within an inch of its life in late 2011 and since then I've dyed the ends of my hair to match my roots, avoided heat, dry brushing and naughty ingredients... The list goes on. I've been babying my hair like mad but now I've started to realise that my hair is actually in great condition, even the frazzled ends onto which the bleach clings for dear life.

Most of my length is virgin so its in much better condition now that the bleach has almost all grown out. Regardless, I still think my hair is really damaged and I constantly seek out deep treatments only to be disappointed that they haven't done anything for my hair. Now I'm starting to realise that there is little left for deep treatments to do because I've kept on top of haircare and its protein-moisture balance. There are still some deep treatments I'd love to try and of course curly hair always needs moisture, but I need to accept that my hair is no longer in total tatters.

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