Saturday, 7 March 2015

Primark's Hask Argan Oil Repairing Deep Conditioner Review

By now you're probably wondering how many argan oil products I buy and try. The answer is 'quite a lot'! Even though I try not to buy into trends, this one's got me hook line and sinker. Maybe it's the smell... They all seem to smell similar (and delicious). Who knows. Anyway! Back on track with this review.

Okay.  I was indulging in a quick bit of shopping and picked this up! Forgiveth me, I felt like treating myself seeing as I had time off work and hadn't had enough time recently to pamper myself. I've never really bought any beauty items from primark (apart from this essential) but the range seems to constantly evolve and it looks like there's something for everyone.
Hask Argan Oil Mask

This mask was £2 for 50ml which I thought was a bit pricey, a) because its primark and b) because its just a hair treatment! Granted, I could tell it contained a generous amount which is great for hairy curl heads like me but I guessed I'd only get two uses out if it maximum. Regardless, I thought I'd give it a go seeing as my hair is getting longer and needs a bit more love every now and then.

It promises just what the doctor ordered - a repairing deep conditioner which "strengthens, restores and smooths dry, damaged hair". Whilst my hair isn't damaged, it can be damn dry so anything claiming to "cure" dry hair looks promising to me.

As for the ingredients list... Well it turned out to be a big disappointment upon closer inspection. In store, I was impressed by the first few ingredients and all the protiens. However, it wasnt until I got home and had a good old look at everything that my face fell. One in particular made all the rest look angelic in comparison. Can you see that one right at the bottom? Yep, 'formaldehyde' is a known human carinogen. Yuck. In the name of reviews and not being bothered to return it, I wanted to try it and I bloody hoped it'd be crap so I wouldn't feeling like buying any more. Those hopes were thrown to the wind.

First impressions over, I shampooed, conditioned and then slapped this on top which was easier said than done seeing as my wet hands were sliding all over the sachet as I tried to squeeze it. It smelt like some kind of strange banana, sour medincine. I wasn't too impressed with the smell, I'll be honest. I expected it to smell chocolatey smooth like most other argan oil products on the market so this was a bit of a shock. There was a very generous amount in the sachet which was great. I could really coat every hair strand which made it feel more luxurious. I left it on my hair for a good 10-15 minutes and rinsed. Lawd I love it! My hair was left so silky and soft, it felt truly nourished and much healthier than before. My hair did feel coated (I suspect it was the lanolin) but not in a bad way at all. I'm just putting that out there for anyone with thinner hair who may want to avoid products that leave a coat on the hair.

What is there to say about the packaging really? A sachet is a sachet but I think I would have perfered a small bottle or a pot because it was hard to squeeze out then product with wet hands from washing my hair. I guess it's easy to save any product you haven't used by just folding it and taping it down but yeah. It's just a sachet, nothing to see here!

Overall, I think I would repurchase this. The price and ingredients aren't exactly appealing but as a treat I don't think it would be too bad because it really does make a difference to my hair. Another thing worth mentioning is that I know Pak's sell Hask products aswell, perhaps it might be cheaper to buy it there if they stock this particular mask.

Anyone going to try this?

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