Saturday, 14 March 2015

DIY Bent Eyeliner Brush

I took a break from wearing makeup a few years back and since then, I realised I've been suffering from "makeup application amnesia" (this is a DIY post so this is a DIY diagnosis - I'm not medically qualified but I need to be cured!).

So I was reminiscing about the days when I was much better at applying liquid/cream eyeliner. But then I had a breakthrough... It's all about the tools! I remembered I had an ELF bent eyeliner brush back then and that I loved it. I also remember ruining it by butchering trimming and using it for some nail art. Yep, fit for the bin.

I checked ELFs website for a replacement but didn't feel like falling for their 'free shipping with £10 spend' and wasting money on things I didn't need. I sure as shit was not going to pay for shipping. THEN BWAHAHAHAAAA I saw this picture and it made me cackle:

Source, go check it out!
Duhhh I just needed to get a damn pliers this whole time! £10 = saved.

Ta da!

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