Sunday, 29 March 2015

Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder Review

Benefit, we meet again.
Hoola at a hefty £23.50
Hoola in all it's glory
I think the bronzer is such a great shade. It's not shimmery or sparkly nor overly warm or red toned when applied. It is quite pigmented and finely milled which is fantastic and to be honest, what I would expect at this price. I'm not sure how this would work on pale skin as I know bronzers can sometimes look "muddy" but on me (roughly MAC NC35), it works and blends beautifully. I don't actually use this as a bronzer but as a natural contour shade because I feel the flat tone works best for me that way.
Isn't Hoola very cute housed in this cardboard box? It’s definitely different and I love what Benefit do with their packaging but it is susceptible to and water damage and let's face it - a general battering in handbags. Not the most practical but it gets brownie points for cuteness. In hindsight, I'm disappointed with the packaging because at £23.50 I would have preferred decently classy, portable packaging. The box does snap shut but wonder if over time it would lose its' sturdiness and if the lid would actually just flip open when inverted. We shall see.

Hoola's brush
Don’t hate me but I actually love the brushes included in Benefit’s bronzers and blushers. They look like interesting substitutes for the Nars contouring Ita brush which I've wanted for quite a while. I don't own Nars Ita (and never will what with the unjustifiable price tag) but I have a similar one, the Real Techniques 301 Contouring Brush which is decent enough. I still prefer Benefit's for contouring though even though it's nowhere near as soft. The brush reminds me of Hawaiian straw skirts! Definitely the best thing to be wearing whilst getting a real bronze glow haha. I just wish there was a separate compartment for the brush because things can get messy what with powder fall out lounging around in the box. 

Overall: thumbs up from me! Would definitely repurchase.

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