Sunday, 5 January 2014

Marc Jacobs Daisy Review

I'd wanted this fragrance for the past two months and painfully patiently waited for the Boots sale to buy it.

Marc Jacobs Daisy shower gel and body cream
Marc Jacobs Daisy
It came in a gift set which was £47.50 before the sale but was reduced to £31.67 after Christmas. Perfect. Being a small time perfume snob, I wanted the eau de parfum but a comparison of prices (£53.50 vs £31.67) threw that out of the window. Daisy was accompanied by a luminous body cream and a shower gel. I don't think the body cream is something I'll use regularly as it is laced with large chunks of glitter (and I'm not 10) but shower gel will never be redundant. I'm quite shocked that separately, the shower gel and body cream retail for £20-something each. Whaaaat?

Daisy is so very fresh, sunny, and floral, featuring notes of strawberry, jasmine, violet and vanilla. It quickly became one of my favourite perfumes along with Amani Si, Wish by Chopard, Stella McCartney STELLA, and Miss Dior by... Well, Dior.

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