Saturday, 4 January 2014

Charles Worthington Takeaways

After spending way too long in the haircare aisle in Boots, I had seen so many people pick these (and the full size bottles) up and escort them to the till. So being the fluffy sheep that I can be when it comes to trying haircare, I followed suit. I can tell from the price that Charles Worthington is a top high street brand but I haven't tried anything from his range, probably because it's never fully appealed to me.

I thought the packaging on these was interesting and different. Part of the reason I bought them was because I thought the lid was a miniature screw top which looked really cute. It's actually a twist and snap deal which when opened, rendered the hole in the sachets tiny because they were blocked by twisted plastic. This made the product annoying and time consuming to dispense because it shot out in a thin stream. However, it's much easier to save product that's left over in the Charles Worthington sachet because of the tiny opening. This is great when compared to normal sachets which can rip in the most unsuspecting directions, making them difficult to deal with. 

Moisture Seal Mineral Rescue Hair Masque: I didn't buy this for the mineral benefits as stated on the packaging. Hair is dead so I know it's not going to be resurrected by minerals or vitamins and the like. I chose this because my hair is in dire need of a good few deep treatments and in sachet form, this would be a great way to try one without commitment.

To me, the scent is quite nice and masculine but inoffensive. It's like any other hair masque in terms of colour and consistency but this sachet wasn't even close to being enough to coat my hair. I left it on for 10 minutes and upon rinsing, my hair was soft but not so soft that I would repurchase. It just didn't blow me away.

The back of the sachet suggested that the added argan oil would make my hair shine. Interestingly, it didn't mention the cheaper and higher quantity of silicone present, which is probably more likely to be adding luster to locks. Either way, I got no shine! Sorry but I'm a little over this argan oil bandwagon now.

Moisture Seal Hair Healer Leave-in Conditioner: the leave in is a bit of an odd one. It has a gel consistency, is grey in colour and has the same masculine smell. I know I wouldn't purchase this again because the results weren't overly positive (nor negative, they were just "meh"). My hair was left slightly shiny (oh hi silicone) and reasonably soft but again, this product did not blow me away. My hair wasn't nourished or conditioned in the same way that regular conditioner used as a leave in conditions it.

These products are obviously popular with many other reviewers out there but I missed out on the magic. These were a dud for me and definitely did not make enough impact to warrant a repurchase. Loved the scent and the look of the packaging though!

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