Saturday, 5 October 2013

My Snowball Glogg

Having seen a similar bottle in Whole Foods, I'd wanted one for weeks. However after finding out that that particular one was aluminium, I decided to hold off and search for a better, stainless steel and BPA free alternative. Introducing my pretty.

When I learnt that bottles made from aluminium and BPA could have the ability to leech chemicals into the water they contain, I wanted a safe and reusable bottle to drink from. Having dabbled with two other bottles years ago, I can safely say that the Glogg is my favourite of the three. I've had an aluminium one from Muji, it had a narrow neck which made it difficult to clean. The threading in the neck of the bottle was also deep which made it even more of a hassle. My other bottle was a pink plastic one from Karrimor. Whilst it was BPA free, I still wasn't comfortable drinking from it because in the heat my drinks tasted mighty strange. Anyway who knows what those plastic BPA free bottles have had added to them as a replacement?

As far as I can tell, all coloured Gloggs (but not all of the plain silver ones) have wide necks. Whilst that may not be ideal when drinking straight from the neck because it can be easy to spill, you can easily pack it with ice for cool drinks and clean it with much more ease. I know for a fact that when I have a water bottle, I drink much more water which can only be a good thing.

I was torn between the pink and white bottles but I had wanted white originally and I'm glad I stuck to my guns. I actually ordered the sports top lid by accident! I'm annoyed with it because if the lid on the loop gets tugged in your bag or wherever, it can actually pull up the sports top and make your bottle leak. I have since ordered a screw top lid so I can interchange them whenever but I really wish Glogg would sort this because the sports top actually makes for quicker drinking. There is no need to unscrew a lid and it's impossible to spill whilst drinking and walking (yes, I'm an idiot and I do that).

Snowball Glogg Stainless Steel Bottle Neck Sports Lid

This 600ml bottle was £7.99 and P&P was £3.99, a total of £11.98. This is quite reasonable in comparison to the price of many bottles on offer at the moment which may consist of undesirable materials. When on the go, I buy a bottle of water at least three times a week. Although I always recycle the plastic bottles or use them again (a big no-no), the durability and safe re-usability of the Glogg will put my mind at ease and will be better for the environment. According to Glogg, 3 billion plastic bottles are consumed every year in the UK and surprise, surprise, almost all of these end up in landfill. I feel better about not contributing to this, not to mention avoiding a contribution to the emissions from their transportation. I think I will save about £3 a week from not buying bottled water. Within a month my Glogg will have paid for itself and will continue to save me money.

EDIT: have since received the screw top lid and it leaks too. Thanks Glogg.

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