Friday, 23 May 2014

My Project 10 Pan

Project 10 Pan tldr - gathering 10 products you want to use up (or at least hit pan on) before you buy any more!

In reality this is probably my 3rd attempt at this challenge. I get bored easily and I'm at the point now where having hundreds of products open without the likelihood of finishing them is getting to me! It's starting to feel like a waste :( Must. Use. Them.
Victims of my project 10 Pan

Nars Laguna - How long have I had you? Two, three years? Yeah you need to go. I actually have another Laguna stashed away but I have hit pan on both of them so getting rid of these seem like the easiest and quickest option.

Rimmel Clear Complexion translucent powder - Apart from the packaging (which has cracked and the powder has shattered), there isn't actually anything I despise about this product. I'm simply including it because I've had a brand new pot (and a large sample pot) of Bare Minerals Mineral Veil hanging around (since November) and I'd like to get around to trying them properly. I've also got brand new Miss Sporty and Max Factor translucent powders to try use. So, Clear Complexion, you're on a fast track to being finished!

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Fuchsia Fix - This product has been a burden for years. I don't know why I bought it but I really don't wear lip products and feel guilty about the number I have! I want to use this up once and for all.

Gosh Majestic Sea eyeliner - I've had this pencil for about 5 years now at the least. It just needs to go. I rarely wear bright eyeliner and when I do, it's not this one because I prefer the likes of Milani and Maybelline.

Cover Girl Lash Blast - this is a great mascara for lower lashes. I don't use it on my top lashes because I prefer more length and volume but this is great for applying the perfect light coat to the lower ones. Would not repurchase because I don't see the point of having a mascara solely for lower lashes. Gooooodbye.

Bare Minerals Golden Medium Matte Foundation - I don't hate this foundation, I just think the shade isn't dead on (even though it is damn near perfect). As the powder is quite lightweight, I can get away with the shade being slightly off by using a small amount as more of a dusting instead of a proper foundation.

Lady Gaga - Fame - this was a Christmas present in 2012 and I have to say it is one of my favourite scents. I have recently developed into a fragrance lover though and to fulfil that love I need to use up my existing fragrance before buying new ones (Stella, Si, Euphoria and Coco Mademoiselle are on my wishlist). It won't be long until I'm done with Gaga and can move on to finishing others.

Myface Blusher - Her Name is Rio - I bought this when Myface was being sold in Boots! Basically - years and years ago! It is extremely pigmented and is quite a nice shade but it's loosely pressed which is annoying. The packaging is stupidly clunky so I'd just like it gone once and for all.

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil - I bought this and never used it. Yep. It's getting used.

I pledge to...

buy no more makeup or nail polish until I have finished each of the items included in my project. Forget hitting pan and then just shoving almost empty things back into my collection, I actually want to get rid of the rubbish. I have enough nail polish to last me years and although I would really love a Models Own Speckled Polish (lol), I am determined to hold back.

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